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There are countless products out there that claims to help women fix their flat chests... or firm-up a saggy one.

And if you are like me, you have probably tried them all.

Maybe you have considered undergoing a risky and expensive plastic surgery that could leave you with unflattering result.

That was my case some 5 months ago...

By the way, my name is Kate Oko and I use to have a flat chest.

In fact, in many occasions, I had to blame God for not creating me a man :)

I remember being a young teenager and all my friends were growing and developing their womanly figures, and I couldn't wait for it to happen to me.


Unfortunately, it Never Did...


In secondary school, my best friend Chisom had an amazing body and large, full breasts.

While I was completely flat.

As flat as a bad tyre :)

I bet you know who had more luck with the guys.

Chisom always had her choice of boyfriends and I was pretty much invisible.

Chisom wasn't prettier, smarter or cooler than me.


The ONLY major difference between us was the size of our two oranges.

Chisom and I stayed best friends through university  into adulthood.

It's funny how things don't change.

Even as adults, Chisom would get more male attention than I would.

What was even more discouraging than the lack of male attention was my own lack of self confidence.

And the worst of all, because of my physique and less male company, people started spreading fake rumor that I was a lesbian.



That Tore Me Into Pieces...

I hated going to swim or to the beach because I looked like a boy in my bikini.

I wanted to wear sexy lingerie, but I felt completely ridiculous because I couldn't fill out the bras.

I bought dresses that I loved, but ended up having them enjoyed more by my roomie; Chisom because she actually had the curves to make them look good.

Don't get me wrong... we actually share cloths atimes.

As much as we hate to admit it, breast size is important in our culture.

Clothe makers have the curvy and busty women on top of their list, before making for small breasted ones like us.

magazines are filled with people showing off their breasts, and men are instinctively attracted to large breasted women.

This is simply the reality of the world we live in.

Personally, I grew sick of been flat chested, that I decided I needed to try something.

What I tried next was amazing...

I can proudly say that it led me to the same 100% natural NAFDAC approved solution that finally increased the size of my breast to a reasonable size in 3 weeks... and has done the same for over 13 other persons since then.

It doesn't just increase the size, it's also the best solution for women with saggy breast.

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